Community College Fall 2020 Opening Plans

Community College Fall 2020 Opening Plans

Posted July 4th


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In our last post we provided some links to the opening plans for four-year colleges for the fall 2020 semester.   In this post we take a look at how community colleges are handling the opening for fall.  Of course, the majority of community colleges don’t have a residential component (dormitories), so that reduces the complexity for a campus opening.  At least here in California, most community colleges seem to be moving forward with a hybrid model for fall 2020.  Meaning that the majority of all courses will be in a virtual (online) format with some coursework on campus.  The courses on campus seem to overwhelmingly be hands on, career education courses and science labs.  There is, for obvious reasons, a general focus on critical occupations related to the coronavirus.  This means health occupations are a primary focus.  Followed by safety programs (fire and police) and other sectors such as transportation.

Alan Hancock fall 2020 opening plan

Anne Arundell Community College fall 2020 plan
plan includes potential on-campus 8 week classes

Houston Community College’s nextLearning plan for fall 2020
plan includes, synchronous and asynchronous online, and in person
lecture and lab

Northhampton Community College fall opening plans
mix of online and in-person classes

Butler County Community College freezes tuition, announces flexible fall schedule

Cuyahoga Community College on campus operations information

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