Higher Ed & Coronavirus: 4-yr College Opening Plans Fall 2020

Higher Ed and Coronavirus: 4-yr College Opening Plans Fall 2020

published 7/3/2020

coronavirus, COVID, education

The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. ~ Abraham Lincoln

All educational institutions are facing a common problem this fall, how do you operate with the COVID infection raging in America? This issue is far larger for four-year institutions that have a residential component. Tonight, a little tour around the web to take a look at how a number of institutions are handling this situation. Hopefully these pieces will serve as resources for those of you working on your own re-opening plan efforts.

A summary post of what the top 25 universities and colleges are doing.

Cornell president discussing how in person classes are safer than virtual.

Temple University Coronavirus Fall Opening site

Temple University Student Housing Plan

Notre Dame plans to be open and on campus in the fall

Virginia Tech testing, tracing and case management plan for fall

Northwestern University’s phased re-opening plan for fall

UC San Diego re-opening plan for fall

The Emerson College flex learning plan for fall


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