A Checklist for Starting Face to Face Classes

A Checklist for Starting Face to Face Classes Human decision-making is complex. On our own, our tendency to yield to short-term temptations, and even to addictions, may be too strong for our rational, long-term planning. ~ Peter Singer So for a lot of us in higher education we are in the planning processes for theContinue reading “A Checklist for Starting Face to Face Classes”

College Football in Fall 2020

College Football in Fall 2020 I think one of the biggest indicators of whether or not there will be fall on campus classes at four-year colleges is whether or not colleges can provide students something other than just go to class and stay in your dorm room.  And for many of the large public universitiesContinue reading “College Football in Fall 2020”

Will Faculty Accept the Risk of Going Back to Campus?

Will Faculty Accept the Risk of Going Back to Campus? So in recent posts we’ve listed out re-opening plans for both four-year and community colleges. There is also a lot of understandable uncertainty out there concerning fall 2020 semester, particularly with the recent rise in coronavirus cases, and even more so given that the averageContinue reading “Will Faculty Accept the Risk of Going Back to Campus?”

Community College Fall 2020 Opening Plans

Community College Fall 2020 Opening Plans Posted July 4th Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.                ~ Abigail Adams In our last post we provided some links to the opening plans for four-year colleges for the fall 2020 semester.   InContinue reading “Community College Fall 2020 Opening Plans”